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Potty Training Update

I’ve heard horror stories about potty training; the amount of time it takes, the accidents, the messes. To say I was scared going into this with two boys on the spectrum is an understatement. Terrified might be a better word choice.

We started the last weekend in October. I was surprised how quickly both of them caught onto the concept. Here’s the problem: both have almost a 100% success rate at home and naked from the waist down. The minute I put on a pull-up, diaper, or underwear/pants, they have an accident. At times, Alex will take off his diaper if he needs to go, but this doesn’t transfer over in public. Whereas, Aden doesn’t seem in-tune once his pull-up is back on. He has had a few successes in his afternoon program but only when he’s taken him multiple times.





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