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Maybe Next Year

My latest motto has been “maybe next year”.

There are tons of fun things to do around the holidays and everything sounds so appealing until I add 3 year-old twin boys with ASD into the mix. My energy levels and stress levels can’t handle anything else right now. I’ve learned my limitations and what I’m capable of. Plus Aden and Alex are still unaware of most things “Christmas” so why add more stress to my already stressful life? When it comes to tree lightings, parades, ornament decorating, ginger bread house construction, Elf on a Shelf, train exhibits; I have one thing to say …maybe next year.

My friend Marlo told me in a recent email: “You don’t have to do it all right NOW! Enjoy your boys”. Good Advice, I’ll take it.

Here are two things we’ve enjoyed so far: Breakfast with Santa & Tree Decorating.

Breakfast with Santa

Breakfast with Santa is an annual tradition. We visit our local town hall for a buffet breakfast and picture with Santa. I like this set-up because there are no lines or waiting. Mr. and Ms. Claus walk through the hall before heading over to Santa’s cottage. Both Aden and Alex didn’t seem to have any issues with them from a safe distance; however when it came time for pictures, Aden was a no-go. Alex did great. He sat on Santa’s lap. He was indifferent, not afraid but not overly excited either. Hey, that works for me! Unfortunately I brought my camera but left my battery charging at home- go figure.

Tree Decorating 038

The boys did better than expected with decorating our tree this year. Last year they weren’t a bit interested. This year they really did help hang ornaments. Alex found a star ornament and wanted me to pick him up so he could put it on top. He must have learned that from the Grinch! There were a few ornament casualties but that’s to be expected. Overall it was a success and of course pants-optional.  045


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