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Happy Christmas to All!

After of weeks of preparation Christmas is over. Bah-hum-bug! Aden and Alex were much more into Christmas this year, Alex especially. Aden was deathly afraid of Santa. He didn’t want to sit on his lap which is not uncommon for children his age but he also didn’t even want us to mention his name. Take a look…sorry about the bright light: http://youtu.be/gIyLLZp1Z-A

The past few weeks, Alex has been engaging in pretend play. After watching the movie Polar Express, he said “Mommy, let’s go to the North Pole and visit Santa”. Then, he proceeded to construct a train out of the couch using cushions for the wheels. It was amazing. He said “alllll a-board!” and I hopped on. Unfortunately Aden isn’t on board with pretend play and actually thought we were going to the North Pole to see the dreaded Santa. He climbed on my lap and started to pout. It was bittersweet; I was happy to see Alex head off to the North Pole, but sad to see Aden left at the station. I’ve been struggling with these feelings on a daily basis.

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve we headed to my Mom’s house for breakfast and presents. Alex was enthusiastic about opening presents, a little too enthusiastic. Aden was indifferent; however he did open a few. Once he found something he liked, he lacked the motivation to continue. It’s always about motivation with Aden. Afterwards we headed to my grandparents for dinner and more present opening. We actually had to leave early because Alex would not stop tearing into other people’s presents. The boys fell asleep on the car ride and slept another hour at home, a much needed break.

Every year at bedtime, Jon reads The Night Before Christmas. We take silly pictures and try to get a family pic. I couldn’t believe on our first attempt we were all looking and smiling at the camera! Who needs J.C. Penny portraits when you have a dresser and a camera with a self-timer?084 - Copy

Alex was excited about Santa coming and wouldn’t go to sleep. He kept calling for me and wanting to go downstairs which made Christmas Eve prep a little difficult. By 10pm he was asleep and it was time to play Santa. The big present for the boys this year was a playroom in the basement complete with a train table (actually a present from last year). It took a year working only weekends but finally Jon, my father-in-law, Scott, and neighbor, Mr. Dan finished up just days before Christmas Eve. It’s a great space and now I can reclaim my living room!

Christmas Day

I woke up early and anxiously waited for Aden and Alex to wake up. Finally I heard Alex. Usually Aden sleeps an hour longer than Alex. Not today! We headed downstairs. They spotted the presents under the tree in the living room. They opened pajamas, slippers, shirts, no toys. It was time to head to their new playroom and their “real” presents. They loved it. Listen for Alex saying “thank you!” I about fell over! http://youtu.be/XSIxf8K-XBQ

Afterwards we headed over Jon’s parent’s house for breakfast and MORE present opening. Alex wasn’t feeling well. He caught the stomach bug Aden had earlier in the week. Alex and I spent the rest of Christmas cuddled up on the couch watching movies while Aden and Daddy hung out at his parent’s house. It may not have been the best way to spend Christmas but it was restful. I needed that.


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  1. beautiful family picture! Merry Christmas to y’all. Love the LaFontaine’s

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