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Escape from Reality

0752This past weekend Jon and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary. With help from our family we managed to escape from reality and visit our favorite Bed and Breakfast, Lake Pointe Inn. This was the first time we had been away from the boys more than one night. Of course I had to create an Aden & Alex manual for all intense purposes. Aden and Alex are very different and it provided me peace of mind knowing I could potentially alleviate any stressful situations. The manual included individual food preferences, motivators, what constitutes a timeout, their favorite books, songs, cartoons, movies, swim class routine and bedtime routine. I thought I covered everything when my sister-in-law, Jessica called on the way, telling me I should have included a “how to work the remote control” section in the manual.

Lake Pointe Inn B&B is located in Deep Creek, Maryland (about 3 hours away). It sits on Maryland’s largest man-made lake and is directly across the street from Wisp Ski Resort. We arrived around 4pm and checked into our usual room. Our first visit to Lake Pointe was back in 2004. It was our first experience at a B&B and we were instantly hooked. We’ve tried other B&B’s over the years but nothing compares to Lake Pointe. Our last visit was in May 2009 for my birthday and our “babymoon” or as I like to call it, the last trip a couple takes before their life changes in every possible way. I remember worrying about the challenges I’d face with twins, but as you can see I didn’t need a manual when they were babies. A manual is required once they are mobile.

Jon and I went out to dinner on Friday, went skiing on Saturday, and Saturday night watched the best Raven’s game we’d ever seen. It did cut into our anniversary dinner but luckily we won so it was worth it. We also enjoyed gourmet breakfasts both mornings and never-ending chocolate chip cookies. At times it was hard to relax; I admit I was a bit antsy. Jon even caught me singing Disney songs on numerous occasions. Under the circumstances, I see nothing wrong with singing Hakuna Matata …after all it means “no worries”…now if I could only sing this more at home. 014We returned home on Sunday afternoon. I missed my little guys and was anxious for their hugs and kisses. When I walked in, hearing them say “Mommy” with such enthusiasm never sounded sweeter. Alex was a terror for the rest of the evening and Aden started running a high fever. A few times I wished I could click my heels and return to Lake Pointe and the peace and quiet it offered. But let’s face it, there’s no place like home. 143142


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  1. You look so beautiful in your wedding photo! It sounds like you guys had such a great time. I admit I’m a little jealous. ;-)

  2. Becky & Jon: Congratulations! 5 years flies, but you and Jon are true SOULMATES! You can see the love you both have for each other! Happy you got away to enjoy. that is important, even if you don’t have kids. Love the picture from your wedding. You were a beautiful bride and Jon wasn’t too bad looking too! You are so blessed to have family and friends wrapped around you to help whenever you ask! Wish I was closer to be part of that Brunelle Team. Best wishes from your NC Family! Dorine

  3. So glad to see that Alex has clothes on in the pictures. Love you Ms. Balls.

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