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Weekend Woes

Like anyone with a 9-5, I always look forward to the weekends- it’s a time to sleep-in (so what if it’s only until 8am), enjoy some time among adults, but most of all, it’s a change of pace from the week’s monotony. This past weekend I planned to catch a matinee with my Mom and visit my Mom-Mom, who suffered a mini-stroke earlier in the week. (Thank heavens it wasn’t major. At this point in my life, I’m standing on the edge of the diving board, the deep end beneath my feet, I cannot afford to fall in. I realize there is never a right time to lose someone you love, but there couldn’t be a worse time. Let’s just say my prayers were answered).

Friday night Alex woke up with a high fever and body aches. It was a long night. His fever continued throughout the morning. I cancelled my plans, stayed in my pajamas, and cuddled with Alex on the couch watching Disney movies. Aden was fever-free and seemed just fine. Jon took Aden to swim class and of course since I wasn’t there, for the first time, he swam the entire length of the pool without a back float. I’m so proud of him, just sad I missed it.

During the day, Alex’s fever became frightfully high. At one point it reached 104.8. I called the nurse at our pediatrician’s office and she confirmed that he had a touch of the flu. His condition remained the same throughout the day (fever, chills, body aches). Meds every 4 hours brought the fever down which prevented a trip to the ER.

Saturday night around midnight Aden woke up crying. No surprise- he had a fever of 103.7. I gave him medicine and he went back to sleep. I slept with Alex, Jon slept with Aden. Thank goodness we didn’t have triplets!

Sunday, it was cold and windy- the perfect day to stay inside, except for those who desperately needed to get out. By afternoon both boy’s fevers had subsided and they were back to their normal crazy-selves. Aden’s endless energy and inability to focus and Alex’s constant whining and throwing fits was more than I could handle. I started to fall back into the same dreadful funk I worked so hard to get out of! Think positive…think positive…unfortunately I can’t think at all when I’m sleep-deprived. I’m already looking forward to next weekend…sleeping-in, visiting my family…I don’t care if it is zero-below and blizzarding, my butt is getting out of the house!


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  1. Becky: sounds like a bad case of Cabin Fever! Hang in there Spring is on it’s way! So happy to hear your grandmother is doing well! :) Love you, Ms. Balls!

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