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Four-ever my Babies

Aden and Alex celebrated their 4th birthdays August 31st. Jon and I decorated the downstairs with a banner, streamers, and balloons, along with a few small gifts. The Fish Game was a BIG hit! Unknown to them, their big present would be unveiled later.046This year we decided to have their party at Kiddie Crusoe. Designed specifically for kids, it includes an area for pretend play similar to what you will find at Storyville; an indoor wooden playground equipped with swings and slides, and a bounce area with ball pit…who doesn’t love a ball pit? I secretly wish I could jump in…hmmm…I guess it’s no longer a secret!

We debated on having their party at the state park or at home but with the number of people we wanted to invite and the unpredictable August weather; we decided to stay indoors. It proved to be the best decision since it was ungodly hot.

For two hours Aden and Alex joined by their closet friends ran amuck and had a blast. I played hostess and photographer while Jon kept a close eye on the boys. We barely saw each other the entire party. Tis’ our life. ???????????????????????????????087Finally it was time for pizza and cupcakes. The party room was a bit small but we managed. I was thrilled to watch both boys blow out their birthday candles…my wish come true! 080Happy Birthday Aden: http://youtu.be/pqRx3OrfSQw

Happy Birthday Alex: http://youtu.be/SxYELd0Mi6M

Afterwards we drove to my grandparent’s house aka “GG’s house” for the bike unveiling. We bought them the same bikes: 16inch Toy Story bikes. My Mom arrived first and parked the bikes in the driveway and attached balloons so that would be the first thing the boys would see upon arrival. Pulling up, they were so excited! And so was I! Seeing their faces light up and getting to relive a moment from my childhood (I also got my first bike at GG’s house) was a moment I won’t soon forget. Both raced to their bikes. Alex quickly put on his one size too big helmet, whereas Aden, the pirate chose to live dangerously.  ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Due to exhaustion and scorching temps we lasted about 5 minutes outside. Shortly after that we said good-bye and headed home for some much-needed R&R and A/C.

After Disney movie downtime, Aden and Alex’s batteries were recharged and they were ready for action. We took them to our neighbor’s pool. We have the BEST neighbors. They have graciously allowed us to use their pool all summer which has helped me occupy and tire the boys out on hot days. 124123I love birthdays. It’s a chance to celebrate the day you were born and all the accomplishments of the past year. Aden and Alex have had many. As I’ve mentioned before it’s your own personal New Years. Aden and Alex share a birthday which is why I feel it is important to make it extra-special and provide them with the best birthday I can. It was a fun-filled, action-packed, exhausting day…Aden and Alex wouldn’t have it any other way. 112117

P.S. I can’t believe I have 4 year-olds…


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